Friday, September 2, 2011

Ich bin schrecklich prep Deutsch

Wie geht's Welt?! (What's up World?!)
Ich sprachen Deutsch. Ein wenig. (I'm speaking German.) (Somewhat.)

Ok just kidding, I suck at German. But hey, give it time, it's only been a week! Speaking of week, this past one was my first week of the Fall Semester. How did it go, you ask? Well my friends, you just opened a huge can of worms. Ein wenig.

My classes are not that terrible actually. I've dropped a couple since the semester's started, but that's because they were stupid. My quest for finishing a four year degree in three years might not happen... It'll probably end up being more like five years. I have friends in all of my classes (except my 11 o'clock institute class, which I ended up missing anyways). I liked to be stretched and I'm hoping to be able to excel in classes.

Now on to the fun part. Boys. ;)
No one's allowed to judge me for this, but I keep a list of boys that I'm interested in and I update it almost weekly. It's practical for me because this way I keep my options open, I'm not super obsessed with one person, and if one of them hurts me they just get bumped off the list and replaced with someone else. Nothing's really happened this week in the realm of dating except meeting new guys and hanging out with some guys from the list. Someday I won't need a list anymore and I'll find the man I'm supposed to be with forever and ever. But for now, the list will suffice to cure the loneliness :)

I don't really know what to talk about anymore so this must be the end of my post. Wish me luck on my new semester! Gute nacht meine freunds!

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