Saturday, September 24, 2011

Party Barn?

It's that time again guys. It's time to tell you all about what's happened recently in the realm of boys and singing. (Man, this is like all my life consists of lately...)

So last night was Masterworks Chorale Retreat. We went up to the Party Barn in Mapleton, and boy, it was a party alright. (I spent a good portion of that afternoon beautifying myself just so I'd look super adorable because a certain someone would be there. Dumb but worth it.) The first thing we did when we all got up to the barn was eat. So I ate whatever I wanted. Boy it felt good. :D Then my friend and I decided to go for a lovely little stroll since there was a lake, deck, and canoes outback. Everyone else eventually followed. We then decided to take out one of the canoes, which was indeed a wise choice. That's when it started.

A certain highly attractive man whom I've mentioned before on this magical blog came into my life more prominently. For the sake of sake's, let's call him A-Train. (Not like that's his nickname or anything...) While M and I (Oooh look! Another nickname. I'm good at this.) were lingering on our canoe, A-Train had put on his swimsuit and asked for a ride over to the rope swing. Of course we obliged. Mmmmm I will forever love that rope swing, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

So then we actually started singing. In one of our pieces A-Train has a solo, which makes my life happy. Our director had us go in the loft to sing and we got to stand next to whomever we wanted. So naturally, I stood next to the soloist. That was an amazing moment. Not only does he got the looks, but he's got the voice too. Not too shabby so far.

Then we decided to play games as a choir. That was a blast! I sat next to my buddies All-Back, Uncle Joe, and A-Train of course. Yes, those names were all coded. You're Welcome. During the game there was a moment when just A-Train and I had act out an adverb. That was interesting... We soon after promised each other to never act in such a manner again.

Then we ate cake. Yum. Get ready guys, the sad part is coming up soon. Tissues in hand? K good, I'll continue.

This is when the big group split to do various activities. It was dark out, and the stars were amazing. So my adopted brother, Bear, and I decided to take out the canoes again. Yes, I do realize that I just said Brother Bear. That canoe ride was one of the best experiences of my life. We talked about our lives, our feelings, and then we sang in Italian together while the reflection in the lake shone brightly and a bonfire was only a few feet off. Beautiful. Yet part of me wished that I could share this moment with another special someone. So Brother Bear and I left and canoe to join the others at the campfire. A-Train was preoccupied with the guitar (Handsome: Check. Voice: Check. Guitar?! Too good to be true) so I waited a little while. I sang while he sang and played the song "Lucky" which is one of my favorites. Check. While A-Train was guitaring it up, I was chatting with a lovely soprano friend of mine, and that's when I realized that not only do I have a mongo-big crush on A-Train, but so do like half of the other girls in the choir. Great. They're all amazing and beautiful and stuff. :( I felt a bit discouraged. And by a bit, I mean a lot.

Now brace yourselves.

When A-Train was done with the guitar I went up to him and said "Hey, when one of the canoes is open, do you wanna go out on the lake?"
"Sure, that sounds like fun." He replied handsomely.
So we waited only like two minutes for someone to surrender a canoe. Then, right as I was about to get him and tell him there was a canoe open, my carpool says that we're leaving.
A-Train was like "It's okay, I'm feelin' kinda bushed anyways." :( :( :( :( :(
So we left. And that was it.

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